Level up your customer support with text-based communications
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In today’s fast-paced world, text has become the communications of choice. It is used more than email and phone, both personally and professionally. If you have a support team and are not set up to send text messages, you are missing out on a critical opportunity to meet your customers where they are and provide the efficient, responsive service they expect.

Signalchat Support App was created to enhance and streamline communications between you and your customers. With our app, your customers can opt-in to receive text messages from your support team, making communications more convenient and personable. No more back-and-forth emails or long phone conversations; Signalchat keeps things simple.



Flexible & Efficient

Redesign the way your team communicates with customers, provide real-time service & support, cut operational expenses and improve your company’s overall workflow.

Customer opts-in

There are 2 ways: either the customer fills out an online form or they text a phrase to a phone number.

Confirmation text sent to customer

Hi, This is {Name} from {Company}.  How can I help you? Reply HELP for help. Reply STOP to cancel.

Support conversation begins

When the customer types HELP they get a response:  Please text or email 123-456-7890 for support.
Signalchat Text Messaging


Our Support App is simple to implement and easy to use. In a matter of minutes you can automate support workflows, empower your team and provide the best service to your customers. Signalchat Support App is an all-in-one tool to help your customers get the answers they need quickly.  

Signalchat Support App empowers you to:

✓ Call, text and email from any device.

✓ Assign conversations to individuals and teams regardless of the channel.

✓ Have two-way communications with customers through SMS, MMS and email.

✓ Send surveys and drip campaigns.

✓ Convert website visitors into subscribers with a pop-up widget.

✓ Integrate messaging with your email and phone system.

✓ See all your team’s customer interactions in a single thread.

✓ Route calls and text messages to teams or individuals.

✓ Automate responses to inquiries and repetitive tasks.

✓ Leverage AI like ChatGPT to field inquiries and provide 24/7 assistance.

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